Established in 1989, We Yong Chiang Piston Co., Ltd combines professional knowledge, know-how and excellent engineers to produce good quality pistons which are supplied to our clients all over the word. Our main production range is for japanese, American & European cars & trucks including gasoline passenger cars. diesel and heavy duty trucks. And our sales network extends into North. Central & South America. and Afica. Besides producing piston assemblies, we also piston rings, cyl. liners, gaskets, piston pin bushings, bearings, valves, out board engine etc.

Accumulating experience and continued improvements in the past decade. our YCP products enjoy an execltent reputation in the intemational market and are known for their quality. What makes our YCP products popular in the market is not only good quality but also our reasonable prices making us competitve. Maintaining high quality and good prices has always been our unchanging principle.
  1.Highly Resistant To Heat.
2.Improve Piston Life.
3.Essentially Eliminate
Scuffing And Wear.
4.Lncrease Strength.
5.Improve Cylind Sealing For
Less Bl ow-By And Power.
6.Smoothr Running.
7.Help Prevent Damage From
Inadequate Lubrication.
Esqecially During Start-Up.
8.Reduce Friction.

Address:790 Yen Pin Road, Luchu, KAOHSIUNG, TAIWAN, R.O.C.
Telephone : 886-7-6982345(Rep)
Fax : 886-7-6982338, 886-7-6964712

Contact Person : David Chen
Title : Export Manager
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